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Ask us about our 3PL, Warehousing Storage and Distribution facility Solutions to satisfy your needs !! .

For direct correspondence to any one staff member please address e-mail to "Firstname"@profreight.co.nz without the "quotes" around the first name.

If you are not sure who to contact then use our Contact page.



Steve Richardson   -  Director    
Gary Sayles   -  Director


Andrew Wright   -  General Operations Manager    
Joanne Bycroft   -  Financial Controller    
Franky Wang   -  IT / Accounts    
Gary Morgan  - Sales Executive "garym@"  
Heather Moore

Kayleigh Excel   -  Import Sea Operations      
Donna McElroy   -  Import Sea Operations     
Elizabeth Tuimavave   -  Import Sea Operations      
Annette Emery   -  Export Operations Manager    
Jenna Brown  -  Export Sea Operations    
Ed Hawkins   -  Import/Export Air Operations    
Susanne Butz   -  Customer Services    
Shirley Herbert   -  Customer Services    
Clema Vaka   -  Store Supervisor    


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